Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Review of Jorgy in the Capital City Weekly

and a wonderful review it is! Here's an excerpt:
'Jorgy' a direct and vivid tale of an Alaskan pilot's journeys

…Jean Lester, his "conduit," gives us the next best thing to sitting down with Jorgensen to hear his life story. …

As the 50th anniversary of statehood kicks off this week, we'll be hearing and reading a lot of takes on Alaskan history. "Jorgy" sets out to tell the story of an extraordinary pilot and along the way tells the history of Alaskan aviation. After reading "Jorgy," I have a hard time thinking of a more interesting perspective on state history than through the window of an early Native bush pilot.

Another new review from LibraryThing gives the book four stars:
Wow, what an interesting man Captain "Jorgy" is. This was an interesting book for me, in that it is the first biography that I've read that is essentially an edited transcript of the words spoken aloud by the subject, telling his own story. Thundering applause for Jean Lester for keeping it this way rather than trying to turn this into a "normal" biography. This way, it works. "Hearing" "Jorgy" tell his own story in his own words made this such an interesting read, that I encourage anyone interested in Aviation, Alaska, American History, oral history, or is just looking for a fun read to pick up this book.

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